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Frederick, Maryland

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Our Story

The concept behind The Blue Side is quite simple

The Blue Side is a place to celebrate what we love about America and its culture. From our world-changing traditions of soulful Americana music to classic Southeast-American cuisine with a creative spicing-up, and our rich heritage of ground breaking American brewing and distilling techniques, we hope you experience some of what we feel makes America great!

Our Menu

Our menu is full of items that are heavily influenced by age-old Southeastern-American recipes brought to life with the creative workings of Executive Chef Colin Suser. Partnering with our unique dining menu is our particularly puzzled list of beers. Long-time Cicerone Certified and craft brew junkie Caleb Coble has brought his expertise from the American brewing industry to The Blue Side and our selection should please everyone from the craft-beer snob to the casual sampler.

Our Music

Music is a medium that can pull us together and make us feel as good (or as bad) as we want. The music we listen to can tell a lot about who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. The best therapy is great music and The Blue Side will be featuring some of the greatest music being written and performed in America. I have been asked how to describe our music and, consequently, the feel of the music that can be thought of as “Blue Side” music. Bluegrass, Newgrass, Country Blues, R&B, Folk Rock, Jam, and Southern Rock/Rockabilly are all labels that have been used in describing our musical feel. I say it is a combination of the way all of these styles move you. There is serious rhythm and soul in all of these styles. The feeling you get when you experience these characteristics, performed by truly gifted musicians, is what The Blue Side should feel like.

Our Thanks

The dream of opening a bluesy honky tonk-type joint has been in the works for a few years. When we found that the old Bentz Street Raw Bar was available, we knew we had found the spot where we could bring all of our plans to fruition. Our name, The Blue Side, was inspired by “The Blue Side of The Mountain” by the SteelDrivers, one of our favorite bands. We knew what we wanted to be and with the help of local designers and craftsmen.

Special thanks to:

  • Brian Slagle of Lucy and Amellia, LLC
  • Rhonda McLaughlin - Design/Project Management
  • Jim Corkum of Corkum Craftsman & Construction, Inc.
  • Eric French of Goodflower Painting
  • City Glass
  • Frederick Ceiling
  • Affordable Signs and Neon

Thanks to their talents, we were able to pull it all together and give The Blue Side the style necessary to present our celebration of American exceptionalism for all good-food loving, good beer/whiskey-loving, good music-loving and goodtime loving folks from all over.

I hope you’ll come visit us soon!


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